• Our Nurses

    We only contract board certified registered nurses who have vibrant personalities, a genuine demeanor, and a passion for healthcare.
  • Services

    We specialize in postoperative and early hospital discharge concierge nursing services, offering a solution to bridge the gap between facility discharge and the outpatient healing process.
  • Individualized Care

    Here at The First Watch we customize your recovery care with an individualized package to meet your unique needs.
  • Heart Disorders

    Whether undergoing a routine heart cath or having emergency bypass surgery, our private nursing services are perfect for you!

  • Orthopedic Disorders

    Returning home after an orthopedic surgery can be frightening! From ligament repairs to total knee replacements, we’ve got you covered.

  • Transportation Services

    We offer simple and safe transportation options to and from your hospital or outpatient center.

  • Emergency Visits

    Life can be unpredictable! We understand that unexpected hospitalizations and emergency surgeries can be frightening.

  • General Surgeries

    Appendix or Gallbladder removal? Let our skilled recovery nurses help get you back on your feet!

  • Plastic Surgery

    Getting a nip or tuck? Let us assist with getting you back to feeling and looking your best!