Your Recovery Begins With Us.

Vast changes within our healthcare system paired with a fast-paced economy have quickly changed our care needs.  So why have we not evolved to meet the demand?  These needs are complicated by packed hospitals, early discharges, and more importantly high readmission rates.  Mari Iezzi, co-founder, studied healthcare reform while at Duke University in Durham, NC.

“I was able to witness healthcare reform, especially pertaining to the Nurse Practitioner scope of practice while in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  This initially sparked my research and interest in identifying healthcare deficits, finding solutions to meet demands, and problem solving to proactively tackle barriers.” – Mari

Growing up in nearby Arkansas and returning to the Memphis area in 2015, Marcus and Mari Iezzi set out on a mission to find healthcare related needs in the Memphis community and offer a solution.  With this was born The First Watch.

“With the rise of same day surgeries comes increased responsibilities for families, which many admit are not up to the challenge.  By providing a highly skilled nurse in the home, we have been able to successfully empower patients and their families, promote healing in a peaceful environment, and decrease hospital readmission rates for clients in the area.”   -Marcus